Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Easter grass is growing. But I had sad dreams last night. So my day was off to a rocky start. We slept-in, too, so it was hurried as well. Without a drop, or dab, or pat of makeup I hurried out the door to take C to school, scary. She dressed herself, she LOVES to dress herself. J wouldn't put on pants, insisting on a skirt, so the 30-degree weather met her legs with a bite, and made me feel/look like a delinquent mother. C went merrily on her way. J and I headed to the cemetary to put flowers on Grandma's grave, something about my dreams and the budding springtime has me in a sad place, missing her, really regressing on the whole grieving process...or progressing, not sure. In search of a present for a certian brother, well my only, led me to the antique mall (he likes old religious art, it's an antique market niche), nothing to be found (sorry Brother) well except a totally adorable $5 table cloth that fits my table perfectly. A few more items needed at the grocery, and a video for Jules as a reward for five nights in her own bed - hip-hip-hurray! Home, warm shower (exhale), makeup application (less scary now) and then back to school. Happy C, happy J, happy me. Lunch of tuna fish and 'healthy-ish' Pringles, happy C again. Long naps, and lots of housework. Broke out the spray cleaners, that's rare. Made the house feel presentable, naps ended, presentable no more. Ran a few packages to the UPS Store, best customer service in town, home for dinner. Yummy cheesey chicken dinner over rice. Cuddle on the couch with anyone willing. Princess Memory game at the table, talk to my mom. Cry a little, missing Grandma tonight. Blog. Work a little. Sleep (but no dreams, I hope).

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Anna said...

i miss grandma a lot too sister. thats so interesting how you and i had similar feelings today. & that both of us blogged them.

we must be related or something... ;)