Monday, February 23, 2009

There is so much I want to share about my new obsession...haven't you!!! know, I know, what happened to the running? or the cooking? or the crafting? Well we're in a recession people, and a girls got to eat! So here's what I've gleaned from my online 'bargain shopper' googling...

1. Learn what a 'good price' is. Sometimes a sale is not really a good deal at all. Research your local prices and what constitutes a good price.

2. Collect as many coupons as you can get your cheap hands on, err sorry your thrifty hands on. Even if it is for a product you can't use, if you can get a free product using the coupon during a sale, you can always donate it. {Wild side note, free products really DO happen. I got two this weekend on my first 'hunting' trip, as I like to call salsa and free Excedrin...CRAZY}

3. Compare your local store ads with your coupons, patience pays off when you don't just rush out with a coupon but actually wait until the item also comes on sale. Better yet, 'stack it' (look at me, I've graduated from novice to intermediate) with a store coupon and then the real savings start.

It's like a game, or as I referenced before a really fun treasure hunt. Except the treasure is cheap toilet paper and free pain killers!!!

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