Sunday, February 15, 2009

I would have gone to your house tonight - had November passed without notice, and you were still here. I would have called you when I knew we had the seven o'clock hour unplanned and the girls were in especially good moods. You would have sounded happy to hear my voice. I would have asked if we could run by for a few minutes, and you would have said "Sure! Come on over!" We would have been greeted with your happy smile and an invitation to "Come! Sit down" You would have asked Carolyn all about her Valentine's Day, how school was going, and how she liked her acting class. She would have twirled for you and you would look at Grandpa with a smirk and say, "Does she remind you of someone we used to know!?!" You wouldn't believe how much Julia was talking now, and you would engage her in conversation like she was the most important person in the world at that moment. She would beam to see the love in your eyes, and you'd beam back. You would ask me about work, and be interested in hearing whatever was on my mind. I would feel cared for, and loved. We wouldn't stay long - the girls can wear a person out - you'd tell me not to worry about it, and we'd stay a few minutes more. When it was time to go you'd give them big hugs and a wet kiss on the cheek. You and Grandpa would walk us to the door for more hugs, then stand on the porch to watch us load up and wave goodbye as we drove away. Had November passed without notice, I would have taken for granted just another night of dropping in on my Grandparents. Taken for granted that we could do it again, soon - Had November passed without notice.

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0812 Lane said...

so, that was a tear jerker whether you meant for it to be or not. I'm so sorry that she is gone, for your sake. but how great to be able to share about the massive amounts of love you have for her. it's truly touching.