Monday, January 26, 2009

Up at 5:45, hit snooze until 6:00. Sneak out of bed, so as not to wake B or J (yes, she was in between). Quick makeup application and skip the hair-do, as usual. Breakfast of Special K, thinking today that it is tasting extra special. Listen to NPR as I toodle down the long road to Nerdsville. Think about Nerdsville, jobs are good, they pay bills, bills are bad and can only be stopped by jobs...therefore jobs are good. Work, meet, work then lunch. Dine on chips and salsa and mighty good conversation. Laugh hard, stomach aches from laughing, then laugh some more. Back to work. Pour over spreadsheets like the Queen of Nerdville searching for discrepancies. Love Nerdville, just for a second, then like it a whole lot. Stay late, spreadsheet has its nerdy talons in me. Hurry home to munchkins. Take munchkins to Grandma. Give thanks for Grandma - so much to be thankful for today. Kisses to children, back in the car. Meet with group of friends at our usual location and time. Connect, discuss, challenge, laugh some more. Home late, but more gratitude pours out. Beautiful little ballerina (because princesses are SO last year) meets me with a huge 'so-happy-to-see-you' grin. More discussing this time mixed with cuddling and then...the highlight...a little dance by night-light to Abba's "Dancing Queen" before I kiss the ballerina goodnight. More gratitude. Blog. Sleep.

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