Monday, January 19, 2009

To my Jules,
As we return home from our trip, and I hear so many people say "She won't even remember a thing" I just want you to know that I won't forget it. **I will never forget your willingness to climb aboard an airplace without a bit of reluctance. **I will never forget your beaming face as you threw your arms around Minnie Mouse. **I will never forget your little white bow peaking over the stearing wheel of your race car. **I will never forget how you grabbed my arm on the Pirate ride, but never made a sound or acted too worried. **I will forever remember how you jumped at the 3-D show when Donald threw the water on the crowd. **I will forever remember how you danced to the parade music. **I will never forget your blue sparkling eyes watching the fireworks. I am a selfish Mommy and admittedly I took this trip for me. Because I know it may not be burned in your forever-memory, but these things will always be burned in mine. You are one amazing little princess.
- Mommy


Anna said...

love it. & she WILL remember. maybe not the small details, but your making it happen. :)

0812 Lane said...

that is the sweetest love letter to your daughter that it about made me cry. you're such a good mommy to your girls.