Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The sound of zipping suit cases is embedded in my memory. I used to lie awake the night before we'd head off on our semi-annual trips to KC from far-away Albuquerque. I'd hear Mom and Dad tucking away last minute items and then the high pitched 'zippppp'. What satisfaction there was in that sound! Knowing that we were bound for the Happiest Place on our little Earth. And tonight, as I listen to the 'zipppppp' I think about a lot of things. About letting go of the anxiety that things might not go just right. About what fun we will have. About the first time I went to Disney...which leads me back to Grandma, who bravely took me, my brother and cousin on our memorable adventure. And it all comes full circle as I hear the 'zippppp' again, and my mind jumps between being a little girl anxious to see her, and a mom anxious to make her proud by passing on the traditions and memories she gave me.

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