Saturday, January 10, 2009

In a very frustrating turn of events we drove three-hours to a fabulously beautiful (and might-I-add PERFECT for photographing) birthday party only to find that the camera's memory card was back on B's desk in KC...bummer, these camera phone photos were the best we could do. The theme was 'snow' with a snowman cheese ball, gorgeous homemade sugar cookies (I've got sugar cookie envy right now), and other lovely white foods. All for sweet Cora, who turned one. Seems like I was just blogging about a little visit to see this new beauty when she was born (read here) and now she's celebrating her first year of life. Hurray for Cora - Happy Birthday Beautiful!
She is SUCH a doll!!!
{See more from Cora's parents, and our good friends, here.}

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