Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I have a big phobia about the DMV - I hate it. Perhaps it was my fourth (or was it fifth) failure of my permit test. Perhaps it was being sent home two or more times for the correct paperwork every time I attempt to play along in this game called Life. Perhaps it was the *warm* smile I am greeted with? Whatever repulses me so, I had to overcome it today as J and I cautiously attempted to license our new-to-us car. I had already surrendered to the fact that my five-month delay in registration was going to cost me - and there was no use in delaying the inevitable any longer. So, in preparation I visited the MO DMV website approximately 15 times (sadly this is no exaggeration), ensuring all documentation was in order. I made a checklist, revisited it daily for the last week, and then - the all important and desperate call in the form of prayer to the DMV in the sky to help everything go through alright. Luckily, my Grandpa in all of his wisdom suggested a little-known DMV, the location of which I cannot reveal otherwise it will no longer be 'little-known'. There were no lines, the women were *friendly*, of course who wouldn't smile at little J, a ploy that was very-much part of my plan. While I did need to run for one more piece of documentation, my determination persisted and in the end - we got plates!!! And their was much rejoicing.As a reward to myself I took the girls to Dave's for lunch. Unfortunately I arrived 3 minutes late to C's school, but it must have been a half-hour in preschool time zone because she was the last kid left, and I could feel the teacher's eyes like daggers into my tardy skull. My guilt followed us right down the road into Dave's where I was sure everyone in the place knew what a deliquent mother I was, and I felt pretty sure everyone was glaring at me. Finally I asked Carolyn if I had something on my face...she gave me a look (see photo) and I decided maybe I was overreacting...shocker.

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