Sunday, January 4, 2009

all of this nerdy engineer talk is contagious...
besides helping Anna with her math homework,
other highlights of the weekend included:
-worrying about C and her lack of appetite
[her 29.8 lbs puts her in the 7% for her age, and with her recent stomach bug she has very little interest in eating...eating and sleeping are some of the hardest things to master as a parent...what to do?]
- Answered C's questions about God
[C: Mommy!?! What do you think Jesus is doing right now?...maybe workin on puzzles?!?]
- begin packing for Disney, let the giddiness begin
[the extra special princess dresses have been gingerly folded, the swimming suits have been dug out of the dark spaces of the closet, and Carolyn has drawn a map for the pilot to get there, she's so thoughtful...and bossy]
{map for pilot from KC to Disney}

- Nathan's fifth birthday
[can it be? oh how our world has changed in the last five years]

- read Wide Open Spaces and thought about it...a lot
[Jim Palmer's newest book is subtitled: beyond paint-by-number Christianity and he offers some very challenging viewpoints that seem to be speaking to me where I'm at right now, lots to think about, probably will re-read it to B and gather his thoughts, but that's another weekend]
- Buried Kayla the mouse
[C helped with the ceremonial burial.]

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