Saturday, December 27, 2008

Up at 8 with J's usual morning routine {read lots of pinching...and 'Mommy!?!' 'Mommy!?!'}. Polly (a.k.a. Miss Pocket) takes center stage and the girls are happy. I steal away to Hobby Lobby to hunt for treasures while B lies on the couch watching Miss Pocket entertain his children. At the Lobby I am greatly dissapointed with the lame 50% off, wishing for something like 75% or 80% instead, I leave empty-handed. Throw two-tons of laundry into laundry room - open bedroom window to rid the dirty laundry/diaper stench. Start first load, dress children, close window, head to nature center. Wander nature center, observe nature from inside a heated building. Get freaked by the snapping turtle, likewise by the large snakes, and even the freaky-deaky fish. Watch the animals getting fed other live animals, totally not my thing, probably won't return to that place for a while... Quick lunch at Backyard Burger, the 'from scratch' vegetable beef soup hits the spot. Nap time...hurray. Crash with J in our big warm bed. We cuddle, we sleep, we happy. Up with four smiles all around our house, and off to Grandma's (a.k.a. Goggy's) house. Dine on homemade potato soup, Mmmmm. Watch the snow fall, play with children, watch Happy Feet. Surf the interweb, find a craft. Blog. Smile. Sleep.
{Picture courtesy of Crunch Crafts etsy shop - this is my inspiration for what-to-do with all of the Christmas cards we received...pretty pumped about this one}

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