Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tonight we light the fourth candle in our Advent wreath. Only one candle remains, the 'Jesus candle' that represents the Hope Realized in the arrival of the savior. For four Sundays leading up to Christmas we do a brief reading and prayer with the girls, each week lighting an additional candle until this week we lit four. Admittedly the girl's favorite part is blowing out the candles at the end, however tonight J did tell Carolyn, "HUSH Care-care [Carolyn]! Jesus!!! Pray!" so I think they're getting it, little-by-little. And there is something sacred about turning down the lights and gathering as a family to pray over a season filled with much hussle-and-bussle. [If you want to read more on Advent and the history, as well as more meaning, there is a good article here.]

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Anna said...

jules is so cute! i can just see her saying that!! did you read my Christ{mas} is love entry?? watch that video sister!