Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tonight B and I, minus our munchkins, attended the annual office Christmas Party. Pictured above are me and my bird legs next to the company signage - featuring the lovely C and J themselves. After feasting on heavy appetizers and free pop, we hit the dessert bar which was a disappointment compared to last year's spread (it seems it's been a tough year every where you turn). And since B thought dancing sounded like a TERRIBLE idea, we headed home at an embarrasingly early hour. After ruling out drinks or coffee on the town, we opted for M&Ms and card games at home, afterall we're simple folks. After a quick perusal of the HyVee candy aisle we headed to our warm bed where we hunkered in for some Rummy. After racking our brains for the Rummy protocol, having not played the game since before C was born, we commenced and quickly caught back on. As I ran downstairs to get a glass of water (because M&Ms make you thirsty), I stepped on a dried out pea from the girl's lunch and realized how weird it was to not have them here, climbing my leg or chatting in my ear. I realized tonight will be the first night of uninterupted sleep I'll get since last year's Christmas party. So it's off to bed for me, I want to enjoy every uninterupted minute of it!

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