Thursday, December 4, 2008

Whilst B was off photographing on the Plaza tonight, the girls and I wandered the lighted streets in-and-out of stores. J got a gorgeous-and-warm-and-adorable cream colored winter hat to go with her gold jacket, while C chose the hot pink tutu {shocking I know}. We ended up at Pottery Barn Kids, and at long last the "Santa" gift was found...
This is the face C made when she found IT. This is what Santa will hear all about as she perches herself on his lap in a few weeks. This is the jewelry box who revealed to her a twirling ballerina AND MUSIC that caused her to clutch it tight to her chest, twirl around Pottery Barn Kids and profess "This is what I've always wanted for my whole entire LIFE"...
This is the picture B shot on the Plaza tonight
he's going to use it for his BRS Christmas card
{Pretty darn amazing if you ask me}

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