Sunday, December 7, 2008

It was the weekend of birthdays, and cookie making and Blurb-finishing among other things. C loves a lot of things, but birthday parties are certainly in the Top Five C Favorites. So we were off to Jon's party, yes another but who wouldn't want to celebrate TWICE for the BIG EIGHTEEN? And by BIG I mean sit at the kid's table next to my children, cut up their pizza and wipe their hands when they're through...thanks Jon, you're a trooper.
From Jon's we were off to a Princess Party, the mere invitation to which caused C to dance around the church lobby in glee. All were instructed to come decked-out in Princess gear...C was happy to oblige. There is something precious about four-year-olds huddled around a birthday girl ewwing-and-awwing at tea sets and the like.

C was very impressed with the Birthday Girl's cardboard castle, with blank bricks ready for the art-full hands of young princesses to adorn it with splendor. With her crayola scribbling happily I could only imagine what she could do with additiona paints, markers, even decopauge {too much? probably}. I will keep this on the back-burner for next year's Princess party, because there will be a party and you can bet it will be Princess-Themed!

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