Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Donuts at Dave's Deli, C off to school with no fuss at all, cuddle with J and rock her to sleep in my arms, girls play three hours straight and only make a {little} mess, make cookies for the new mama and think about how much she deserves them, receive first Christmas card of the season, make sugar cookie dough for Thursday night cookie decorating, visit precious Ava, hold her, love her, drive through Christmas in the Park,

watch sweet girls amazed at the lights, experience a little amazement myself, bathe the beauties, make a new header, put beauties to bed, think about Grandma, miss her, blog a little, smile because it's Christmas time

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Anna said...

such sweet girls. Can't wait to snuggle with them friday night!! :) & i'm thinking up a lovely craft to do!