Monday, December 15, 2008

B and I were out-for-the-count today. Some disgusting virus is making the rounds at our house, and we both were up in the night {not feeling well}...that's the nice way of explaining it. It is so gross, in fact, that I would recommend you wash your hands after reading this entry - it's THAT BAD.
C and J thought it was fabulous to have the house virtually all to themselves. They dressed up in all of their dresses at least twice each, drug out a multitude of toys with no intention to put them away, and left the cap off of every marker we've ever brought into this house. What joy!
Though the worst seems to be behind us, we are taking no chances and have nested multiple 'bips' {pacifiers} beside Jules so as not to arouse much fussing in the middle of the night - because YES my two-year-old still does not sleep through the night...don't tell Super Nanny!

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