Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On tonight's agenda: Cupcakes for C's preschool,
to celebrate her birthday (which is Friday, hurray!)
They are strawberry pink with white frosting and sprinkles,
because pink cupcakes and sprinkles are only fitting.
After making the cupcakes we attended a
make-believe movie theater that was showing 'kid shows'.
C is currently obsessed with 'kid shows' having found Noggin on the new cable.
Then I began the quest for the perfect Christmas Card photo,
a process that has traditionally taken numerous photo shoots to capture,
it appears this year will be no different,
behold round one...
close, and totally cute, but no cigar
[I have no clue how to work B's new-fangled camera,
hence the bizarre lighting effect]

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Anna said...

this is my favorite. max likes it too. :)