Friday, November 7, 2008

It's good to be FOUR!
C's first words to me this morning, "I'm FOUR!!!"
She had an awesome fourth birthday, starting with breakfast Daddy-date at Panera. When she got home she commenced an hour-long sticker-fest with her newly aquired birthday stickers. She sat in the middle of the kitchen in a sea of's good to be four. Then off to Chipotle with Mommy for lunch where she got to sit in the *special* bar-stool's good to be four. Finally Grandma Caryl, Grandpa Jim and Aunt Jami came for the birthday dinner and the Princess Cookie's good to be four. And she opened a few more presents, culminating in the Deluxe Giselle white is SO good to be four!
and here's a sneak peek at her Princess Party shoes,
the grand finale gift of the evening...

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