Friday, November 14, 2008

Grandma, are you in there!?!
Today was my Grandma's funeral. And in order to keep me calm-cool-and-collected my family assigned me a lengthy list of tasks to complete to make the service special. I picked the photos, made the video, designed the programs, wrote a talk, arrange the photos as the funeral home, all with the help of my precious cousins and husband, but enough work to keep me busy these last few days. x

And today I had more than one person say "I think your Grandma is channeling herself through you". Mostly a figure of speech, and I really didn't have the Oiji board our or anything, but in a way I can almost feel my Grandma's hand on my back, whispering in my year and encouraging me throughout this process.

Until this experience I only vaguely recognized our similarities, me and my Grandma. After this week I know that my drive is from her. My busy hands and loads of energy are from her. My need to do unusually over-the-top things for my kids is from her. And my desire to make people feel special is from her.

I hope she was right there, watching as we honored her today. I hope it met up to her high standards. I hope she liked it. And I hope she knows that we meant every word of it.

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