Friday, November 21, 2008

and now I introduce to you my new segment...
we'll begin with my little sister, and who wants to be next after that!?!
And you are? Anna E. Allen
It's good to be a Jayhawk, yes?
Why German?
Initially i wanted to learn German as a kid because my dad had said he took german in High school. When i started taking german class in 9th grade i fell even more in love with the language. Then when i was 16 & ventured to Germany for a 6 week exchange i realize germany and my's love was true. who wouldn't love such a lovely place??

Summer or Winter?
eek! neither, i prefer spring or fall.

What was your best day?
my best day was my last day in germany. While it was bitter sweet, it will forever remain one of the highlights in my life. i got to go on a boat ride around the Eutin lakes with this handsome boy. his name is Bastian and i met him while i was staying in Germany... after the boat ride, we jumped on his moped, (yes, very romantic-comedy-movie-scene-like)... we then stopped off for some icecream in town and flirted like the infatuated teens we were. after our lovely hours of playful flirting, he dropped me off at my host family's house where i checked my email and discovered that alas i was going to be reunited with the one's i missed so dearly. he was really shocked that i was leaving so suddenly and i was quite surprised myself that he actually was upset that i wouldn't be there 3 days longer, which my original itenerary had planned. so upset in fact that as i packed up my obnoxiously large-sixteen-year-old-hotpink suitcase he sat and watched me, while tears streamed down his face. while this broke my heart, it was my first taste of love. Later that night as we rode to our friend Goetz's house i opted to wrap my arms around his waist rather than his shoulders as i had all the times before. once we arrived we stood outside in the town square as i bid my farewells to all my newly aquired german friends. as i turned to walk back to my host family's house, bastin pulled me aside and begged me to stay a few days longer while tears welled up in his eyes, at that moment he grabbed me kissed me, so sweet, so tenderly, for what seemed like forever... even slightly dipping me in front of all our friends and strangers in the square. it was perfect. & even though i had to leave early, i came back to america with my email box overflowing with love letters... he will always be my german love.

What would be your one "Survivor" item?
playdough. builds stuff and tastes delicious!

Something you're not?

What do you hope for?
true love.

What's on your tv?
nancy grace... gotta get my dose of "crazy" in for the day!

What inspires you?
loved one's & quotes.

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