Monday, October 27, 2008

There is this woman named Stephanie Nielson.
She is the same age as me,
she has kids, like me
she has a handsome husband, like me
she blogs, like me (but WAY better).
In August, she was in a plane crash, and I think about her a lot.
I've been thinking about WHY....

- Nie makes motherhood look HONEST, its not the perfect smile she captures and shares but the messy art, the goofy grin and the crooked tiara
- Nie is crazy about her husband and doesn't care who knows it, her very public love letters on her blog have thousands of women commenting all over the web 'she inspires me to be a better wife'
- Nie is proud of her choices, for natural childbirth and vegetarianism, but never pious or self-righteous, just self-assured
- Nie is affordably creative, decorating her home with her grandmother's cross-stitching and homemade silhouettes, helping me to see the simple beauty in my modest but wonderful home
- Nie has a style all her own, with a passion for vintage clothes and bright red lipstick, and she pulls it off brilliantly

B is probably tired of me updating him daily on Nie and her husbands condition. I read her sister's blog, her sister-in-law's blog, and scroll back through her blog before the accident almost daily. Last night I cried as I read this article, my heart is hurting for her.

Some things I've learned from Nie:
- That your blog is ultimately to provide your children with wonderful memories and an understanding of your crazy-love for them and their father
- To not be ashamed of self-portraits, your children will cherish them someday
- Simple is beautiful, but so is going over-the-top sometimes
- I am incredibly, totally, amazingly blessed
- It's ok to say you love your husband on your blog, husbands rock
- Life has very unexpected twists and turns

And finally I am struck by the power of sisters. Her sisters are now raising her four small children. One of her sister's purchased a house for her and her husband near them all, so she can be cared for once she is out of the hospital. Her family of nine siblings rotate turns flying to Arizona to be with her, even in her coma, so she knows they are there. Her family is learning what tragedy is, and leaning into God to get them through. There are many lessons they still have to learn and share with the thousands of internet followers, and I am eagerly watching and waiting as Nie is slowly waking up to her new world, and praying for her, her husband and their four beautiful kidlets.

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