Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Out for dinner, fridge is bare and I worked all day so I feel in need of having someone else on dish duty tonight. B suggests Neighbors Cafe, brilliant, delicious and homemade enough to subside some of my guilt. J hollers, grabs at dangerous objects, won't sit still, she and I wait for the food in the entryway. J has a hotdog (shocker), C has pancakes, I'm worn-out, oatmeal sounds comforting. Hits the spot, I'm satisfied.

Run by RedBox, I love that big Red Box. C gets the new Tinkerbell movie. Take the girls over to Grandma's to run on the treadmill, I've got a 10K staring me down from 11 days away and I've got to prep. Grandma and Grandpa dress 8 different baby dolls over-and-over and I smile, the girls are loved and so are my grandparents. Their hands look tired, but they keep on arranging tiny shoes, pulling on doll-tights, and brushing snarly doll-hair. I smile some more.

Watch Tinkerbell. C's riveted, J's riveted, I'm riveted. Something about pixie dust and wings and incredible scenery and the amazing-magical-movie-making-machine that is Disney.

Off to bed, C selects Fancy Nancy...again. The irony strikes me as I recite the first line "I LOVE BEING FANCY", what a sad day it will be when C realizes her mommy is not very fancy at all. We finish the book, time for prayers.

I mention that C has a birthday in 10 days, and tell God "Thank you for making Carolyn!" To which she begins the questions, "How did God make me?" "God made everything, even the stars and the moon, and it is amazing and I don't really know how he did it." "Well, I think he drew a BIG circle in the sky and put a bright light in it, then found some other sparkley lights and spread them out and that's how he did it!" Sounds good to me.

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Rachel said...

yay ! you are doing the 10k with us, I got sick, so running is harder now, but I'm still doing it :-) eek, less than two weeks!