Saturday, October 18, 2008

The last twenty-four hours I've been away from my sweet girls,
I was attending our annual Women's Retreat.
The last three years I have had the priveledge
of serving on the leadership team for this event,
and every year gets better and better.
It is awesome to be a part of an event that
brings so many women together to grow closer to God.
This year my mom came, which made it all the better.
Here are some highlights.
Any of you in the KC area who want to spend 24 hours
together with other women learning about God
and just spending time in quiet, let me know and I'll sign you up next fall!

This is a picture from about a week ago,
our entire planning team sat in silence around a poster
of names of each attendant, praying for each women
and for her time at the retreat. Later we hung the poster in the hallway
at the retreat center, it was an awesome way to show each women
that this event was prepared just for her.

Here's my area, registration and marketing,
not only do I get into some serious invitation making,
but I can make a mean nametag, too

85 women were in attendance, it was awesome

By the end of the weekend we had released our burdens,
ready to step back into the 'real' world

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