Sunday, October 12, 2008

Friday's Fond Memory
New York! New York!

I was a lucky kid growing up. Not only did I have a brother, and two sisters - but I had a truck-load of cousins as well. However, the plethora of cousins didn't materialize until I was in elementary school or even older, with my latest cousin being born once I was in college. So reaching back into long-long ago, there was a time when 'we' were just three. It was just Christopher, my trusy little brother, me and then Michael, my he-haw-larious cousin. We would anticipate visits by Michael to Albuquerque with much excitement, as we would surely inflict our He-Man and She-ra costumes on him, not to mention Batman and Robin, the Smurfs and the likes. He would return the favor by educating us on the likes of Ghost Busters and Back-to-the-Future. Since Michael and Christopher were only a year-apart in age, they were pals, and we've got dozens of 'pal-ish' pictures to prove it. But often enough they let me be part of the club, and much fun would be had. I always thought Michael was SO funny, like a mini-Jim Carey able to contort his face and voice to do the funniest things. And he was a good friend, too. When I took the very (insanely) early bus to Junior High, which passed by his house, he would stand at his bedroom window and wave to me every morning - just to give me a happy start to my day. He's cool like that. And so I'm a little sad, because he's moving on to the big city in a few weeks. He has just taken a job in New York City. As with Christopher, I'm happy for him but at the same time I'm selfisly sad to loose another great pal from my childhood and now a friend in this 'grown-up' life. Michael is a genuine guy, candid and still he-haw-larious. As with Christopher, I'll worry about him, and nag him with phone calls and emails to make sure he's still good, and to remind him that we miss him and can't wait to see him again...and to suggest that he bring back the Ghost Buster suit, for old times sake!

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