Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We started off our Labor Day with a run in Madison. C went first, participating in the Tot Trot and doing an awesome job! Not a bit of hesitation at the starting line, she was off and running hard (see photo below). Then it was my turn. After two days of non-stop walking through the beautiful streets of Madison, my legs were less than thrilled with the three-mile-jont that lie before them. None-the-less I embarked on my second 5K. After an initial half-mile through lakeside arboretum I found a cluster of women who seemed to be running a pace I was comfortable with. Judging by their gear they looked fairly serious, so I thought I was good. Given that I stopped for water and walked with Brandon for a bit at my first race, I thought the fact that I ran non-stop this time would shave a good 2 or 3 minutes off my time. No such luck, I finished two seconds slower than last, 34' 12"...d'oh.
We headed home after a quick breakfast with my brother. It was sad to say goodbye, but there's always texting, email, Facebook, and the good old fashion phone calls (wireless of course) to stay connected.
Then we commenced our 9+ hour drive home, highlights included repeat viewings of Barbie Princess video, not one but TWO Olympic caliber diaper blowouts by J, lunch at in the stinkiest cow-town in Illinois (I didn't even know IL had cow towns), and seeing Brandon's brother and sister-in-law's new house (seriously, this actually was a highlight!) It was a nice break to stop in Columbia for a while for much needed leg-stretching and a late yummy dinner. We rolled into KC a little after 11:30 - and rolled straight into bed.
Today was laundry and the girls reaquainting themselves with every toy they've ever owned. It's good to be home.
run C run!!!
(in the pink pants and cute bobbed hair)

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