Thursday, September 25, 2008

She had this look in her eye -
I should have suspected something was up - but I didn't.
Silly Mommy.
As we headed in the direction of home we discussed dinner
and then it happened.
From the back seat we heard gagging then,
uh oh, we need to pull over.
[Myriad of gross details being ommited for your sake]
and now my car smells like J's lunch,
which was hotdogs and mac-and-cheese...slightly processed.

Hence we wound up in the Arby's drive-through,
where 'Chad' made our dinner...thanks Chad!
I hope it was dairy free Chad, but I'm sure you've got our back.

And because I can't sit still,
and because J was feeling much better after the car
{and soiling the bathtub for the 5th time in 8 nights}
we headed to my favorite craft store
to continue my quest to become crafty,
something I am failing at miserably
but will destroy my bank account trying.

Happy Thursday everybody {she said with a smile}


0812 Lane said...

Just thought I'd tell you you're a very good blogger :)

R&K said...

oh Chad.