Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Schultz Party Drama last night... I pulled a framed picture off the wall (to do some redecorating) and noticed the wall was covered in mud behind the picture. I turned over the picture to find hundreds of termites crawling in and out of the paper backing and cardboard, upon further examining the wall we found holes behind the 'mud' as well. After calling for B, then staring for a few minutes, I called my mom....who declared "Oh, I don't think those are termites" my next call should have been to the National Enquirer since I have discovered a new insect that crawls through walls, eats wood and cardboard, and looks surprisingly termite-ish, but in-fact is not a termite. However, before pulling out the Yellow Pages {because who keeps the National Enquirer on speed dial?} we Googled and decided that yes, indeed, we have termites. At this point B had a choice, he could salvage my pictures and picture frame but dispose of the termites - or clean out the tub in which J had just soiled herself...he chose the termites.

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