Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday's Fond Memory
{Old School} Family Portrait
Wow we were a group. There I am, the one with the once-in-a-lifetime perm standing at the far end of the table. My arms are awkwardly around Jon - the now 6'8" basketball player, who at the time of the photo shoot seemed very disinterested. Next to him is Emily, my lovely sister who appears to be rehearsing for her upcoming Glamour Shots {not joking, stay tuned for that follow-up} with the over-the-should pose, *love it*. And the Geoff, totally adorable as usual - smack dab in the middle of this beautiful sea of cousins, is now a knock-em-dead-with-your-awesome-designs Architecture student. Michael, Geoff's brother sitting behind him with the cool bang-sweep going on, is now a crazy-talented writer living in downtown with a life that makes mine seem pretty boring. And then there is Anna, which I need to call her and make the offer - you do your hair in a bob again and I'll get the perm back 'It'll be like old times sister!' Lastly my brother, Christopher - the handsome chap who is currently conquering the world starting with Madison, was assigned the other end of the table {to balance things out apparently}, we've always made a good team like that, me and my brother. And there we were, captured in time, my sweet cousins and me. Love this memory - makes me smile {and give serious consideration to another perm}.

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