Sunday, August 3, 2008

We had a very fun weekend
with a great visit to see our friends
Ross and Kate (and baby Cora)
in St. Louis
C and J offered their services to assist with baby care,
luckily Ross had it under control as Cora was getting a bit concerned.
Our first stop was Grant's Farm, which we had never seen before.
It was beautiful, Brandon and I loved it, the girls loved it, it was great.
Carolyn got to see an owl up-close-and-personal, hopefully squelching her latest fear of owls. Of course the highlight for her was the mist section, which she went through entirely too many times and ended up soaked to the bone - but happy as a lark {and for those who don't know - larks are really happy}.
Brandon, Ross and baby Cora headed to the Cardinal's game in the evening, while Kate and I took the girls to a new museum in downtown called the City Museum. I will post more on that soon, but check out the website if you have a second, it was CrAzY, unlike any museum I've ever seen before. Brandon had the camera for the game, so I'll snag photos from Kate sometime this week. Cool stuff.
This morning we got to visit Ross and Kate's church where C made several new friend's in the nursery. [The gal who watched C this morning told her, "It was good to meet you, hopefully we'll see you again sometime" to which C replied "Well, probably not, we live in Kansas City and our church is called Lakeland" - note to self: next lesson is on 'tact'] We then met a few of our other friends, Brett, Gretchen and Baby Jack for lunch and then off to the zoo. It was a pretty warm afternoon, but the kiddos did great. Of course the penguin exhibit was the best part, partly because they're amazing animals but mostly because the exhibit is cooled to about 40 degrees. [see all the photos of our trip by clicking any of the collages above].

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