Sunday, August 24, 2008

I would love to tell you my husband's trip to the ER last night was due to an amazing feat of athletism or heroism - but unfortunately it was just a freak accident. While passing footballs to the kids at Respite Care on Saturday night, Brandon fell directly on his shoulder and received a grade 3 shoulder separation (see above for disturbing graphic I found on the bountiful internet). His grimace as he was just leaving the field had me immediately asking "Should we go to the hospital" which he nodded a painful 'yes' to. Luckily the staff was awesome and got him right in, as he had gotten rather pale and was sweating bullets...I guess separating your shoulder is painful, who knew - but not a single tear so good for him for being tough! He is now in a sling, on heavy pain meds, and should be good-as-new in less than a month. For now C is enjoying 'taking care of Daddy' bery much!

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