Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday's Fond Memory
College Days
The girls and I went out to KU to visit my sister at her dorm today. Classes started yesterday and the energy on campus made me miss those college days. One thing life-after-college is missing is the ebb and flow, the seasons that academia has adopted so well. With every big 'first day' you know there is a not to distant 'final', even if a professor seems extra cruel, or a class difficult - all you have to do is bear it out for sixteen weeks, not so much with real life. What's more, the brevity of every semester helps you to savor the discussions, celebrate the accomplishments, and appreciate the experience all the more. I overheard students talking about how much homework they already had, and what their expectations were for this professor or that sounded nervous and excited and I really miss that. We wandered down the street to Mrs. E's, the finest darn cafeteria food I've ever had in my life (seriously, I'd consider grad school for life if I could eat there three meals a day). I fondly remember Mrs. E's. Not just for the food but for the hours of conversation that took place over the food. My roommate, Jennifer, and I would literally take hours to complete a dinner. We would make elaborate salads at the salad bar, then sit and talk. On to the main couse, and then more talking. Of course there would always be at least one round of dessert and plenty more talking. These meals could take 2+ hours, and all the while my sweet B would sit and listen quietly, patiently, as his food was long since gone and he had to have been bored to tears. I am glad there are places like this, with energy and youth abounding - and I am excited that my girls will get to be apart of it as they both practiced chanting in Anna's dorm "Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU!"

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