Thursday, July 31, 2008

The red arrow is pointing to me on the trail tonight, the way the sun looks its as though the rays are actually firing like freakin' lazer beams from the heads of a sun shark...if you're having a hard time seeing me it could be the glare from my brand new running shoes that are so white every seasoned runner knows I'm a newby - or it might be my incredible speed, ok yeah that's definetely not it. Anyway, I ran one of my hardest runs yet tonight. Not because of the distance, but because of the sweltering humidity. My lungs were trying to convince my brain that I might suffocate, luckily they were wrong... phewf...At least the girls enjoyed themselves as I was torturing myself.

[Note the art on C's legs. Coincidentally J's legs also have art on them. C tried to convince us that Julia did it all, but Carolyn made the fatal mistake of drawing very distinct letters all over herself - dead giveaway, sorry C]

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