Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Recently I have received several emails with product and hair-cut suggestions. Let me just say I greatly appreciate any suggestions sent my way regarding unique products/books/ideas, etc. Here are a few gems...
My sister, Emily, sent me this link for Pediped shoes. Very cute, very good for the girlies feet. Not so good on the budget, but I'll keep my eyes peeled for a sale.
My sister, Anna, sent me this with the message: "i was looking around on the inteWEB when i came across this cute hairdo. check it out, it would look fab on you!" [I don't know that I agree, I generally just walk into the beauty shop, take off my glasses and tell them to do as they wish, maybe this is what they'll wish next time].
My sweet friend, Gretchen, sent me the name of this cool etsy shop. She thought the bibs were cute, however I was never a bib person (truly I don't know that my girls wore one more than once or twice). BUT, I love the potholders, as I've noticed that I am totally drawn to birds in art, decor, and even potholders. I would buy this potholder...I might actually own it fairly soon.

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