Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday's Fond Memory
4th of July

There are two holidays that really, really matter to me. Christmas (for obvious reasons) and the 4th of July. You see there is this swimming pool, and this front yard, and this front porch, and this house where I have spent nearly every July 4th that I can remember. The same core people are always there, too. And we eat a big lunch together and we throw snap-n-pops, swim in the warm July sun until the little ones are exhausted, then light fire crackers in the front yard. My Grandma's house is the most precious place in the world to me. [In 3rd grade I had to write about my most important 'treasure' and mine was about my grandma's house]. I love that this tradition is so simple and so reliable. I love that my little girls play on the same ladder (in the picture) that I played on when I was their age. I love that the food is always amazing and abundant. I love to watch my Grandpa laugh as he watches the kids play. I love the sound the basement stairs make when people walk up them, as familiar as an old song in my mind. Mostly I love all of my family that spend this day together, as cousins, my aunts and uncles, my parents, my grandparents - we are connected at the roots and that leaves me with such a secure feeling, knowing there's always a 4th of July coming, even if it is 364 days away.

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