Friday, July 25, 2008

For all of the wonderful moms and mom-to-be's out there, this book is a must-have (in my opinion). I found it at Pottery Barn Kids, but they have it on Amazon for $6 cheaper. It is like a baby book, sort-of. Except this book is something you fill out on every birthday for the first 18 years of your kiddo's life. Each year has a page for photos, a page for info on the party, an 'exclusive interview' that you conduct with your child including creative questions such as: What makes you really really happy? What is the last thing you were sad about? It is wonderfully designed, and even has an envelope page for each age that you can stash such things as the birthday invite, a tracing of the child's hand, artwork, and other keepsakes. Check it out, I LOVE it!

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