Friday, June 6, 2008

The storm of the century was supposed to roll through last night, and Carolyn was on edge. As she sat on the edge of the couch with a worried look on her face, focused on the weatherman she asked...

C: Mommy!?! Is there going to be a tornado???
K: No, I don't think so, he didn't say anything about a tornado
[a few more minutes of watching and he mentions a Tornado watch in a county to our north]
C: Did you hear THAT!?! He just said there WILL be a tornado!!!
K: I heard that, we'll be safe, don't worry
[Just then they went to some 'normal' news and did a story about some elephants that escaped from a circus in western Kansas...]
C: Did you HEAR THAT!?! We have to look out for elephants, TOO!!!

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