Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saturday evening was spent playing at Grandma Caryl's and Grandpa Jim's house. Cousin Sam was in town, so the kids were having a fun time playing together. They decided they wanted to take a swim. There were no suits to be had, so they swam in the buff, something they'll only be able to do together for a short time. In the above picture you can just catch a glimpe of J and her sweet tush. Oddly enough, the novelty of swimming in the nude prompted C to take a real interest in the water. By the end of the evening she was kicking around with a tube, solo! We've had a swimming breakthrough, I'll add this to my book of parenting tricks: 'To encourage children to jump in the pool, strip them down to the buff on a breezy evening!' [To see more of the fun they had click here]

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