Monday, May 12, 2008

So C has a new crazy skill, she can skip!
She unleashed that on us this weekend, and it is a hoot.
I will try to get a video of it soon - too funny.
Someone told me that it is not common for kindergarteners to even skip well yet, so I got online this morning and googled 'development milestones'. I found this site and clicked on the 3-year-old milestones, which C has certainly mastered. I moved on to the 4-year-old and likewise found she was all over that as well (particularly the language category). The only skill in the 5-year-old category she doesn't have is knowing her address, and that is simply a matter of telling her a few times, as she's a little sponge lately. She probably would be ready for kindergarten tomorrow if we'd let her go - though the other children would probably CRUSH her, but she'd talk them out of it!

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