Saturday, May 10, 2008

I had a near-celebrity sighting yesterday, which I must say is like winning the silver medal, so close it hurts. You see, we met Brandon's sister and her husband for a graduation celebration at Jack Stack on the Plaza. We were running late (like TWO minutes) and right before we arrived - who should be seen in the lobby leaving? BOBBY FLAY!!! My sister-in-law texted me the news and I would have rather never known at all. After consulting with my waiter as to Bobby's lunch of choice, I nearly ordered the same thing so AT LEAST I could say I ate lunch within the hour of Bobby Flay at the same place, so we probably ate from the same cow at least, but Bobby has real-nice-taste and I wasn't poppin' for the $20+ lamb ribs. Double bummer.
It did lead to an interesting conversation between me and B. We [I] were contemplating who is on our top celebrity sighting wishlist. As for me...

Posh and Beck (kids are bonus) for sure

And then, of course, the entire Food Network crew
[Bobby, Giadda, Ina, Paula & Sons, Alton in that order]
Brandon had only one - Tiger Woods
For this weekend edition I invite all of you to leave your

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