Thursday, May 15, 2008

Friday's Fond Memory
Graduation Time

It is officially May, and although the weather would like to disagree, the numerous graduation announcements and open house invitations in my daily mail confirm it. To pull a 'fond' memory from this month is not difficult, as May is a very exciting and happy time. This memory, though, is beyond 'fond' or 'happy' - let's just say I was elated. You see, long before this adorable boy knew my motives, I knew we'd be married. We met just weeks before this picture was taken, on a Saturday afternoon watching a soccer match of some of our friends. I knew, seriously knew that he was it, the ONE for me! Of course, this knowledge could not be vomitted all over him so quickly as I had gained it, as surely this could spoil my plan, so I began to...kind of stalk really. I went to all of his tennis matches, happened to see him in the hall by taking massive detours during passing periods, and even on graduation night (see above) meandered to where he was waiting to walk into the auditorium and asked ever so nonchalantly, "Hey, let's get a picture together!" Of course, he sweetly agreed, not knowing that I would be blogging this memory 9 years later as I hold our child on my lap. It was only a few weeks later that he finally caught on to my subtle hints and we began spending pretty much every day of the rest of our lives together. I held off until August of that year to vomit the whole 'marriage' plan on him (seriously folks, I do not lie). When he didn't run screaming in the other direction I knew he really was Katie-compatible.

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Ross and Kate said...

how dapper and strapping.