Monday, May 26, 2008

C and B got into heavy negotiations tonight regarding the consumption of marshmallows (the large ones, not the tinies)

C: How about 4?
B: How about none?
C: How about 5?
B: How about z-e-r-o
C: How about 3?
B: No
C: How about 3?
B: Zero
C: This many [showing three fingers]
B: [conceding to her well put argument] Ok, fine three...(handing her three) but you need to share one with your sister
C: [having given one to Jules as instructed] Ohhhh, I only have two now
B: [to me, smiling as the whole ordeal unfolds] See! Brilliant negotiations right there...
C: DADDY!!! I wanted three
B: We'll talk when those two are gone

to which C promptly stuffed TWO LARGE MARSHMALLOWS in her mouth...he should have seen that coming - wish I'd gotten a picture, it was a very full mouth of marsh and mallow

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