Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yesterday my sister and I attempted the petting zoo with our five (count em FIVE) children ages 4,3,1,1,0!!!
We had a fun, exhausting time, and couldn't believe the last time we went we had a 3:2 ratio of adults to children - my how things have changed. The children are taking over!
Deanna Rose is actually a beautiful petting zoo, with great landscaping, lots of trees and plenty to do. We fed animals, played at a park, fished in a pond, rode ponies, saw indian habitats and a real barn, climbed on tractors and only explored about 60% of the place! [see the whole gallery by clicking on the collage]
Some highlights:
After catching the first fish, Nathan declared to everyone: "Ok, now we can eat!"
Upon walking into the remake of an indian dwelling Nathan asked, "Where's the TV!?!"

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Rachel said...

aw, wish I could have come, next time I'll tag along and help even out the ratio.