Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tonight C wanted yet another anatomy lesson:
C: Mommy!?! Does your stomach turn your food into poop!?!
[how her little mind works, I do not know, but it is fascinating isn't it?]
K: Well, no...[enter long explanation of stomach acid, vitamin and mineral extraction into the blood and strong bones, teeth, brain, and a bunch of other stuff I kind of made up / kind of remembered from 9th grade biology] In short, your intestines take all the good stuff out of the food and turn the rest into poop
C: Hmmm [long pause, well, long for Carolyn time, so about 2 seconds]...Mommy!?!
K: Yeah? [I'm thinking I should probably keep a tally of the number of questions she asks, it might be record breaking in the Preschoolers Book of Guiness World Records]
C: SOoooo, how is our pee made!?!
I have to say it was a pretty educated question in context, and she really might be headed for a career in the health field given her absolute obsession with health topics...well, that and art, dancing and princesses of course.

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