Thursday, April 3, 2008

My friend Becky, an author herself,
just sent me an email about this book:

She says I'll enjoy the challenges the author poses to his reader.
For instance she quoted a few lines that really were convicting to her:
We don't think our way into a new life; we live our way into a new kind of thinking. The Gospel is before all else a call to live differently, so that life can be shared with others.
False religion is present when we piously say, "Thy Kingdom come," but don't immediately add, "My Kingdom go." And we Christians have believed that we could both say, "Jesus is Lord!" and go on being the lords of our own lives. It simply isn't so.

I am anxious to get my hands on it, as it fits along the lines of the Fall Women's Retreat we are planning, and is a topic I am intrigued by. To me it is the paradox of our culture, to 'fear' letting go of control that we've never had in the first place. When we first got married I refused to budget, though it had been suggsted by numerous people. I felt that it would 'take away my control' to spend what I wanted on what I wanted. When we bought our home I knew we needed to do break down and start the dreaded budget. Amazingly though, I could not believe how freeing it was to budget, security in knowing the bills would be covered, being more intentional with spending and saving. It is the same concept this book describes (I am guessing) giving up our false control to the God we all claim to follow, but have such a hard time truly following.

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