Sunday, April 6, 2008

I don't want to be known as a whiner,
but DANG this hurt!
[B advised me not to post the photo of my injury directly to my blog, for those who do not enjoy pictures of injuries - to view it click here]

I was cutting the bread for our game-day party with a serrated knife while trying to answer my preschooler's 315th question of the day... I forcefully drove the knife a quarter-inch into the top of my thumb and thumb nail. (see image here if you're really curious about what that looks like). Probably could have warranted stiches, but we had a game to watch!

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Ross and Kate said...

i did that once and got out of doing dishes for about a month. you don't want an infection...
so looks like carolyn and julia will have to learn to load the dishwasher!