Thursday, April 3, 2008

Friday's Fond Memory
Beautiful KU
xWith one of the biggest games in KU's recent history being played this Saturday, it is only fitting that I give my alma mater a little kudos ~ and of course share a fun picture from my past. Here my mom stands, holding me in front of Strong Hall on Jayhawk Boulevard. I was born a Jayhawk. I've worn Jayhawk shirts since I was an infant, toddled on the campus with my mom and dad, and always knew it was were I would attend college. This Saturday we hope to continue the tradition with our girls, as we strike out for the 'Hill' to purchase Final Four shirts and let them wander on campus for a bit. Don't think that we will really twist their arms and disallow thoughts of any other school, which is not what my parents did either, but to familiarize them with academia, to challenge them from a young age to strive for excellence, and to demonstrate loyalty and appreciation for where we came from, that is what we hope to pass on to them.

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