Monday, April 21, 2008

C was looking at a Revolutionary War book tonight. She pointed to a canon firing and asked, "What is this thing!?!" If you think about explaining what a weapon of war is to a three-year-old, it is even worse than explaining where babies come from. How do I explain to my sweet, innocent baby that it fires a large ball of metal that explodes and causes death and destruction all around it? [no need to call Department of Child Services, I did not go into the detais]
All I said was it was a 'big gun'...kind of. And then she pointed to the soldiers and asked if they were pirates? "No Carolyn, they're soldiers". "What are they doing?" "They are fighting the bad guys." She sat staring for a while..."Where are the girls?" "They are home taking care of the children." More thinking..."Will Daddy have to go there!?!"
Children are so innocent. It is so painful to imagine that one day Carolyn will understand pain and hurt, first-hand or otherwise. In my own make-believe world she will never have to learn about war or hate or canons OR where babies come from!

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Christopher said...

Just tell her, with steadfast assurance, "No, your daddy will be at home taking care of the children too. He's too nice a guy to pull shenanigans with the other women folk, and he's too big a V to be a hardcore killing machine... like your uncles and Grandpa."