Sunday, March 9, 2008

On the way home from church today,
I thought I would do some mental math with Carolyn.
I began by asking her which number was greater
(i.e. Which is more 3 or 8?) but quickly realized she was not on board
Then I changed it a bit "Would you rather have 8 candies or 3 candies?" etc.
All of a sudden she was all over it...until...

K: [on about the fourth iteration] Ok, How abou...
C: [interrupting] Uh, Mommy!?!
K: Yeah?
C: What IS this!?!
K: What is what?
C: [somewhat disgusted] Why are we doing this?

K: Just to help you learn
C: [most certainly annoyed that no real candy was involved] Oh alright...

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