Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I had several Sweet Moments
during my day home with the girls today
though while running errands,
I began to think I was filming a cheesy
Sesame Street scene,
I was listening for the soft 70's elevator music
in the background as we drove from
the bank...
to the post office...
to the dry cleaners...
to the grocery store
[sorry, I digress]
[on the drive to the grocery store]
C: Do we have any crackers?
K: I think so, probably in the pantry
C: [after a brief pause] Why do they call it a pan-tree?
[as I got Carolyn in bed for her nap]
K: [with J on my hip] Tell Carolyn 'night-night'
J: [wriggled out of my arms and ran to Carolyn's bed
and threw herself in a full-body-hug over her sister,
then gave a sweet and quite] Ni-Ni

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