Thursday, February 7, 2008

I am attending a baby shower at work today,
I believe I have devised the perfect baby gift...
sock that look like shoes - Target just started to carry these. They are perfect for taking a little one (pre-walking) out and about. It looks like shoes, but is actually an easy to throw-on sock. My friend Becky used these for her munchkin when she went to China to get her, and it was perfect. I snagged J a pair when I got these boy ones (see her cute Mary-Jane's below)
(knock-off) Robeez - J loves hers, these soft moccasin-like shoes are perfect for babies, they stay on and are comfortable. The Robeez site says they are great for new walkers too!
THE DUCK BATH - a highlight of my girls early bathing experience, the 'duck bath' is an inflatable duck that fits inside of your tub. The bill quacks when squeezed (which C enjoyed thoroughly). The inflatable sides keep your kiddo, in the early wobbly sit-up phase, from knocking his/her head on the side of the tub. All of my friends who have used it have enjoyed immensley. Added bonus - when you travel you can deflate and take along, so your little one is not sitting her bare bottom on some yucky foreign surface!
C, enjoying her duck bath! (a LONG time ago)

J and her cute new em!
(wish they came in my size!)

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